Case Study: From Employee to Entrepreneur

Anja K. from Cologne was looking for a way to achieve a better work-life balance. She describes her situation:

"After finishing law school, I worked for few years as Head of Business Development in several international corporations.

Once our second child was born, I needed more freedom and flexibility to manage my personal, family and professional life and decided it was time to start my own consulting firm.

I am off to a good start in my new role as my own boss. A large part of my initial success and new client base stemmed from prior business contacts or from new business networks. To attract new customers and keep pace with change, I want to fine-tune my image."

A positive image is significantly influenced by appearance, behavior, communication and business etiquette. Effective management of these tools help you communicate your strengths and professionalism to target groups with greater impact.

Monère Wanner Image Consultancy
will help you develop a self-marketing plan to manage your image more strategically and effectively.

Your sharper image will support you in positioning your uniqueness within your industry with poise and balance.