Case Study: From Team Player to Team Manager

Marius D. from Berlin develops software for the financial services sector. Marius’ introverted personality enables him to effectively analyze his customers’ needs and their business environments. As a result, he delivers high-end software solutions.

With his latest software program, Marius exceeded all expectations and his promotion to manager is just around the corner. However, Marius has the following concerns:

"Am I ready for my new role in management? My responsibilities in my new position include training our staff, giving regular presentations to upper-level management and actively acquiring new clients.

My interpersonal and leadership skills are being put to new challenges. A targeted coaching program that focuses on training and improving my interpersonal and communication skills would give me more self-confidence and increase my effectiveness. "

Marius has a good grasp of his strengths and his areas of development. A customized training program, with emphasis on fine-tuning his personal appearance, behavior and communication skills would empower him to assume his new leadership role with poise and balance.

Monère Wanner Image Consultancy can support you in this process. Our tailor-made coaching programs with practical exercises, video analysis and constructive input will guide you along the path of professional and personal success.