Case Study: Export Department expanding in India
Julian S. from Frankfurt is the export manager of a growing industrial company. He wants to prepare his team for an international trade fair in India.

"With our machines and components for infrastructure development, we are already well represented in the German market. Our new satisfied customers in India confirm that significant potential lies dormant in the region. Participation in an international trade fair is the next step to expand our presence in the Indian market.

From personal experience, I recognize the importance of trade fair contacts. I want to prepare my export team for the upcoming international trade fair, so that we can effectively use this platform to strengthen our existing customer relationships and to acquire new customers.“

In our global marketplace, the dynamic process of cultivating relevance through effective communication between companies and their target groups is a fundamental aspect of corporate strategic planning. Carefully aligning employees’ knowledge, behavior and attitudes with the needs and expectations of the target groups is at the core of relevance.

Our international experience is your competitive advantage. In our coaching sessions in the areas of appearance, communication, international business protocol and cross-cultural awareness, your team will establish good rapport, make valuable business contacts and turn contacts into loyal customers.